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Bowie Birthday Tribute

This Show Is Currently Unavailable, Due To Licensing. I have it saved to the cloud, and will update if it becomes Unlocked. This is the first time that happened. Sorry.

Original Air Date 1.11.23.

I have shared All The Playlists Below!

I might Recreate It, In Music Videos! {Please Check Back!} Thank You!


Show Notes & Links. {Links In Pink!}

First show back, after some much needed rest. I have been away, and healing from a flare up. I have not had much energy. This was a show I started last May. I knew I wanted to an Alternate Wednesday of David Bowie Covers, for his Birthday. (It was originally scheduled for the First Wednesday, of January)

As a spoonie, I know I have to be ok with plans changing, and having to make changes to plans. Changes is kind of like my theme song.

I made it a mixed show… the first half is all David Bowie, performing his music.

The second half (is mostly) some of my most favorite David Bowie Covers.

I decided it would do mixed art. I wanted to see what the A.I. would do with “David Bowie’s Birthday, In Heaven.”

I altered one, that was similar to a dream I had, with Tea Time in Heaven, with Loved ones who had passed.

I could not find all the tracks in ITunes, so I imported songs into my playlist. Not everything from this show, will be found in iTunes, or Spotify.

🚀 This show is dedicated, in loving memory of David Bowie.

🦄 Visit Us At:

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🛸 Extra Links! {Indie Spotlight} 🛸 {Links Are Pink!}

There are so many amazing David Bowie videos and links. Here is one of my favorite memories. I will share more; And Please Let Me know Your Favorites, or share in the comments. I will add them in.

👾hash tags 👾

🧜‍♀️ Thank You! We Hope Your Day Is Delightful!

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