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The Big Mix And A Spot Of Tea, With Adam Elk Of The MommyHeads


The Big Mix & A Spot Of Tea, With Adam Elk,

Of The Mommyheads

The Big Mix & A Spot Of Tea. {Show Date 9.21.2022}

The First Half of our show is a Mix of Music That Was on a lot of MixTapes In College, and even some of the Post College Mixtape Sharing. “Big Mix,” was a name of mixtapes, that was passed around between a group of college friends, after a crazy weekend Hang out EVENT… It was the name given to Our Beverage of Convenience, After the Jello Shots became failure shots and we had to turn to an unplanned and unfortunate mixer….

Spot of Tea means that today, we have a Special Guest.

Recently, I caught up with Adam Elk, of The Mommyheads, to talk about their New Release, “Genius Killer”

We had an amazing conversation about the new album, music, collaboration, having listening experiences with friends.. along with so many other great topics.

A very special Thank you to Adam Elk, of The Mommyheads. Congratulations on another amazing album.

"Genius Killer" By The Mommyheads It is an amazing Album. This is my favorite prog album of the year. I am excited about it.

I downloaded it off of Bandcamp, PreRelease Date, and also got the Lyrics to Print, As part of that download experience. The Lyrics, Instrumentals and Productions are AMAZING. I really love having A New Album to hang out with, get to know.. sit back, and enjoy Listening To The Albums as a whole. So much of what is being released these days, are more like digital singles. I really love discovering New Albums.

Because I am Old School, I Also Purchased A Copy Of The CD, from!

I Posted All Of The Links Below. As Always, Links Are Pink!

The Play List From The Show

The First Set

1. We Opened With Love And Rockets, And “Yin and Yang (The Flowerpot Man)

2. After that we heard, Robyn Hitchcock & The Egyptians, With “Balloon Man”

3. Then we heard the Pixies, with “Where Is My Mind.”

4. (Intro Music) “Endless Sky” by Evan Blum & Michelle Raitzin

The Second Set

1. The House Of Love And “Shine On”

2. After that we heard, The Go-Betweens, With “Wrong Road”

3. Followed By “See A Little Light,” by Bob Mould

4. Then We Heard, “Something TO Say” by The Connells.

5. After that we heard The Ocean Blue, with “Between Something And Nothing”

6. (Second Break Music) Vitamin String Quartet, with “Novocaine For The Soul.

The Third Set

1. “Not Too Soon,” By The Throwing Muses

2. After that we had The JudyBats With “Don’t Drop The Baby”

3. Followed By “So Young” by The London Suede

4. The Jesus and Mary Chain, With “Just Like Honey”

5. Followed By “Lorelei” by Cocteau Twins

6. (Third Break Music) Henry Mancini With “Peter Gunn”

Music By The Mommyheads, From The New Album, "Genius Killer"

That Was Played During The Interview

1. “Idealist” I will also share this Video in The Show Notes & Blog! (It is very Artful & Amazing)

2. The Second Song We Heard, was “Impulse Item”

3. Followed By, “She’s A Fighter”

4. Then We Heard The Title Track, “Genius Killer”

5. The Last Song We heard was “Distill Your Love Into That Dying Light”

6. (Forth Break Music) “Space Jazz,” by The Mommyheads, from their album, “Acorn” that was released in January of 1989.

The Last Set

1. Thinking Feller’s Union Local 282, with “My Pal The Tortoise”

2. Followed By SugarPlastic and “Transworld Modal Operator”

3. After That Was “Lawn Dart’ By Ed’s Redeeming Qualities”

4. (The Last Break Music) All India Radio, with “Song Of The Earth”

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The Mommyheads!

Our Last Interview With Adam Elk, Of The Mommyheads,

From April 20, 2022

The New Mommyhead's Album, "Genius Killer."

Show Links (Links Are Pink!)

We are archiving past shows, show notes and playlists there!

🚀 A Special Thank You To Adam Elk, Of The Mommyheads, for being so Awesome!

Congrats To The Mommyheads, For Another AMAZING Album!

📓 Blog and Archive Link: {Coming Soon!}

🛸 👽 Check Out The Comments, For More Fun! 👽 🛸

{Mr Announcer Man’s Comments Under Show Notes!}


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🧜‍♀️ Thank You! We Hope Your Day Is Delightful!

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