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Audities 3D

Updated: Sep 8, 2022


Show Notes! (Links Are Pink!)

Audities 3D! (Our 3rd Audities Show.) 7.20.2022

Audities is a word that I think we came up with. It is a cute word for audio oddities.

The Audities Show is a celebration of Novelty tunes, Experimental music, random-weird-little-audio-nuggets, and some music that fits in.

This is one of my favorite shows to curate a playlist for. I love finding all the quirky-random-Tidbits and Tasty sound nuggets to add in. I delight in finding the perfect place to sprinkle them in.

This Show Is A Daydreamy-Space-Robot-Dream-Like Mix, that was inspired by a recent, “Battlestar Galactic,” Binge. I was “on couches,” (stuck in bed) with COVID, a broken foot, and diverticulitis. I was on CBD products, to help manage the pain; and I was having crazy dreams about robots and space.

Let’s Explore The Outcome, Together!

Links & Playlists! (Links Are Pink!)

Here Are The Links! {Please Note, Each Show Is Only Archived For A Week; But The Playlists live on, On Apple & Spotify}

💜 Dedicated to (in loving memory of): Bruce Haack, Esther Nelson & Mr Rogers

🚀 Inspired by: Battlestar Galactica & CBD Products

📻 LISTEN LIVE (Wednesday’s 1-3 PM Central)

📻 CATCH IT ON THE ARCHIVE sw ho sho{SowSh(A .

While working on this show, I discovered (or rediscovered) Bruce Haack.

I say, “Rediscovered,” because as I was doing research about, Bruce & Esther, I came across the “Mr Roger’s Neighborhood” Episode with Bruce Haack and Esther Nelson. It triggered a memory. I remember thinking, “This music is super cool.” The sounds and the instruments fascinated Little Me. Looking Back, I have to wonder if that show triggered my interest in music that was fun, new, inventive and different.

🛸 Extra Links! (Links Are Pink!)

#LoganWhitehurst&TheJuniorScienceClub #Boots&Cats #B08theRobot

🧜‍♀️ Thank You For Visiting!

We Appreciate You & Hope Your Day Is Delightful

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