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Notes From The Sidelines

April was a very challenging month. The day I uploaded the Doll Parts Show, I was admitted to the hospital. 

I had already been suffering for 14 days at this point and was unable to add any food back... I could not take the pain, and I was feeling close to death. I was put on IV antibiotics and was not allowed anything by mouth for 24 hours. Then I was on a liquid diet for 24 hours as we watched and prayed that I would not need emergency surgery for Diverticulitis, A Perforated Bowl, and An Abscess.

Finally, on the morning of the third day (Of my hospital stay), I was able to handle solid foods and antibiotics by mouth, so I was released to go home for outpatient observation.

Weeks Later, I am finally on the mend and at the end of outpatient observation, so now I am healing so that they can see if I will need surgery in a few months. Meanwhile, life has piled up, and I am trying to catch up and finish my Photography Class. I have one last assignment!

While this all was unraveling, I had to drop one of my classes, and I was forced to take a break from school until I could get an all-clear from my doctor. {I am praying I can return for part two of summer classes}

Here I am; I am still determining when I can get back to classes. I am very grateful to be home and feeling a lot better. I am thankful for all the love, support, well-wishes, good vibes, and prayers. I am excited to be getting back to the show on May 8th for the 12 Hour Pledge Drive!

WDRT Spring Pledge Drive!

We will be live that day from 1-2pm For a very special Eclectic Pledgeland. 

Please Join Us, Listen Live, and Call In To Make A Pledge If You Can!

You can also Click The Button Below To Donate and Learn More!


I was sad I could not record shows for the past few weeks, but I picked some of our favorites to replay. I have some exciting new playlists created and some fun things planned. Until then, here are players for all of April's Shows!  Please See Blog Links For Show Notes!

Players For April'S Shows! (Links Are Pink!)


What's New And Good?

I had planned to open with this; but I know everyone has been asking what's Up...

So Much New It's Hard To Know Where To Start!

  1. New Logo!

I created a new logo to go with our New Domain,!

2. New Cover Art!

the photo was taken by The Very Talented, Hannah Agar Photography. I edited it into a fun photo collage for Our New Webpage.

3. I Updated Our Webpage!

4. New Forum On The Webpage! {It is Still A Work In Progress}

But it will be a fun place to hang out and chat about music!

5. New Landing Page and Link on

Click It! You will see, and a new 2 week archieve is coming soon!

6. New & Improved Show Notes!

I started Adding Links To The Artist's Bandcamps and webpages for each show!

7. I Have uploaded every show from 2023 & 2024

to the Mixcloud and Started To Update Show Notes For Each One!

The More Detailed Show Notes and Playlists will be updated as soon as I can; it is a work in progress!

*I have endless ideas and more things I am working on! I can not maintain my composure! Check Back Soon!


Photography Portfolio Links!

If You Are Interested In See What I have Been Up To In Photography Class, I will Share Links For My Portfolio Pages!

 Links! {Links Are Pink!}

I have one more project coming!

Show Links!

🧜‍♀️ Thank You for Visiting!

We appreciate you. ❤️

We Hope Your Day Is Delightful!

Peace, Love & Cosmic Bunny Rabbits!

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