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Better Than K-Tel Vol. 5 {A Midsummer Night’s Dream}

Updated: Sep 8, 2022


Show Notes

Better Than K-Tel (A Midsummer Nights Dream)

Better Than K-tel Vol 5. Show Date 07.27.2022 on WDRT-Viroqua. DJ Tea and Mr Announcer Man, Eclectic Wonderland. (Wednesdays 1 to 3PM Central.)

A Long, Long Time Ago…

Better Than K-Tel Was Born. Originally it was a weekly mixtape, that I would make for friends. My friends were stuck on the popular music, that was being overplayed on the radio. They were hung up on the K-Tel Tapes and Records, that they could buy for cheap.

I was starting to listen to more of the Alternative Music, and seeking out fun music that was not being overplayed. I started making mixtapes with fancy covers, to help convert them.

As I started having more and more friends in Indie Bands, they would give me the music that they created, and asked me to share. Eventually, I had a little blog about music, and my “Better Than K-Tel Mix Of The Week.” I started making MixCDs, To Share with friends.

So, Here we are..

Many, Many Years Later. I still feel as if it is my duty to share fun alternative music, (Old School & New School), New Indie Bands, and Random, Quirky Nuggets! I decided to keep creating these, “Better Than K-Tel Mixes.”

The inspiration for this week’s Play List Came To Me In A Dream, So I Decided to

Call it, “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.”

It is a mix of dreamier songs, that remind me of summer. The first half of the show, has more of the Old School Songs, and the Second Half is mostly made up of newer artist, and Indie Artists.

🚀 Inspired by: a dream


Links & Playlists! (Links Are Pink!)


🛸 Extra Links! {Indie Spotlight} (Links Are Pink!)


MON CHERI (My Darling - English Translation) {Lyrics By O and Shea}


Oh darling it was nothing

My love you are very nice

What a beautiful day today oh darling Today oh darling

Today oh darling

The little girls who always drink all the champagne

You give me the flowers from my mind and put them in my hair Oh my darling you are my darling

Oh always, oh my darling

What happens next doesn’t matter to me Have another drink with me oh my darling And dance until the sun comes up

The sun is rising

See the girls are wild and free

Be free with me and I will be free with you With you

The sun is rising

With you oh my darling

You are my darling always

The color of your eyes makes me want to eat chocolate

Oh my darling, you are my darling Today and forever darling

Oh darling you are my love oh darling


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