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Day Of The Dead & Leftover Treats


This Show is Very Much Inspired By The Day of The Dead, The Halloween Season and Binge Watching Scary Movies, The UnDead, and Brought To You By, My Favorite Monsters. It is Dedicated To Mikey, With Love.

(I could not mention it in the show, I would not have been able to make it through, without crying.)

The First Half Of The Show, Is Mostly Made Up Of Alternate Versions, of the Original Songs, with some Original Tunes Sprinkled In.

Technically, Today would have been an Alternate Wednesday; but there were some other songs that I thought would be fun to play, that did not fit in on the Howlween show. Songs that were not necessarily Halloween Songs; but they are just fun to hear this time of year. I think Mikey would have liked them.

It’s All In There, I mixed it up in my Crazy Cauldron Of Eclectic Fun, And We Are Serving It Up For Your Ears!

Show Links & Things! {Links Are Pink!}

🚀 In Loving In Memory To Loved Ones We Have Lost

🎶 Spotify Playlist

👾 hashtags 👾

🧜‍♀️ Thank You! We Hope Your Day Is Delightful!

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