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Lo-Fi Groovy

Updated: Jun 26


This week's Show Is Called Lo-Fi Groovy.

It is a Better Than K-tel show, which means it is an all-indie show, With Music From The Mommyheads, The Church, Love, And Rockets & More. This mix has a very special Churchie Blend and features new and old music from artists featured on some of my first “Better Than K-tel Mixes” from back in the day.

Originally, “Better Than K-Tel” was the name of a weekly mixtape I made for friends. It has always been a Mix of Old and New music that I want to share and chat about.

Back In The Day, K-Tel made cheap Mixtapes & Records. They were known as the least expensive way to buy all the popular songs you would hear on the radio.

I started making these mixtapes when I started listening to more alternative music and trying to convert my friends. I was hoping to get them interested in Newer Music. “Better Than K-Tel” was born.

Later, this became a Weekly Blog List and a Mix CD I would Share with friends.  I started to have more and more friends in indie bands, and I would often share some of my new favorite songs that my musician friends gave me.

I am EXCITED to share some of my favorite bands with you; most of these go way back to when I was in High School and College. The newer bands I am playing today are related in some way to the older bands. Do you know how?

🧁cupcake points for sharing this show! Listen Now, In The Archives!

  • Listen Live on Wednesdays from 1-3 pm {Central}, or catch it in the Archive {for up to two weeks!}

🤖 This Show Is Dedicated To the Beautiful Kathy Taylor, one of my Churchie Sisters and our Number 1 Fan! Happy Birthday, Kathy!

art by Studio Tea Kinsington

Indie Spotlight! {Links In Pink!}

Links are in Pink, and go to artists' Bandcamp and websites.

I included some video bonuses and additional content underneath.

some videos are whole albums.

one of my all time favorite albums

Mr. Announcer Man and DJ Tea Met Under This Song Post By Martin Kennedy On Facebook.

Steve Kilbey & Karin Jansson

JLK {John Kilbey}

The Bhagavad Guitars

Hitchcock's Regret

Tones On Tail


in loving memory of Shadow Man

The Way Moves

I shared this only because I share similar memories of the same band.

It is performed in a similar style to The Way Moves. Click the link and have a listen.


There were some bands and a lot of music that I couldn't fit into this show.

I will share more from the artists on the first Better Than K-Tel MixTapes!

{June 84-August 88}

June is the anniversary of these mixes. I made my first Better Than K-Tel Mix, June 84. It is the 40th Anniversary of these mixes. {I am trying not to feel old}

The Dukes Of Stratosphear

Show Links {Links In Pink!}

Much Love & Warm Fuzzies!

🧜‍♀️ Thank You for Listening!

We appreciate you. ❤️

We Hope Your Day Is Delightful!

Peace, Love & Cosmic Bunny Rabbits!


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