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Perpetual Dawn!


An Eclectic Mix Of Some Show Favorites from 2022. A Blend Of New And Old, An Upbeat and Fun Mix. This Mix was More Inspired By The Album Art, Which Was Created Before I Curated The Mix. (Usually, I Make The Album Art, After I Have The Playlist Curated.) The Album Art Was Strangely Inspired By An Article That Mr Announcer Man Shared With Me, "Octopuses May Contain Extraterrestrial DNA." For More Information, Check Out

🛸 Show Links & Fun Stuff! 🛸 {Links Are Pink!}

📻 LISTEN LIVE (Wednesday’s 1-3 PM Central)

🎶 Spotify Playlist:

🛸 Extra Links! {Indie Spotlight} 🛸 {Links Are Pink!}

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