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Reposted! Fruitcake!


Our Special Guest, Who Would Not Sing!

We Opened The Mic Up For Dewey Lewis, Who ALWAYS SINGS ALONG WITH

The Song, “Jingle Bells,” by #TheSingingDogs. We thought we’d have a special treat for you. Dewey Was Singing Along, Up Until WE Opened The Mic. He Got Shy. It is weird, since that is totally his jam. The day we adopted him, we had a long ride home with him, crying in his car seat. We discovered that, that song had a calming effect on him, so we played it over and over again. Dewey Requested WE Play That Song for all the animals looking for their forever homes, this season.

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🚀 Inspired by: The Nasty Cake with The Technicolored Fruits

🎄 Dedicated To The Keeper Of The Worlds Oldest Fruitcake, Family Friends and YOU!

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🎸 Beachfront Vinny’s New Release Is Out!

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🧜‍♀️ Thank You! We Hope Your Day Is Delightful!

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