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Sari Wrap Skirts

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

You Might Have Scanned A Tag, and Ended UP at This Page!

Welcome! Thank you for stopping by! {I Will Update This Blog Post Often}

If you purchased a Sari Wrap Skirt From Us! A Huge Thank You! I hope you love your new find! This is the place to find out more ways to wear them, And how to care for them!

If you are thinking about buying one; but don’t know where to find them, You have come to the right place! We will have our square shop up soon; But You Can Always Message Me (Click Here!)

If you purchased one and would like more, please message me and let me know what sizes (or lengths you would like). What Colors You Are Looking For!

I do not get to pick out the patterns or colors; (they send me what they send me)but it will give me an idea of what to show you, from our current selection!

If you are local, we have a bunch at the Viroqua Public Market! (We try to order more as we can! Our order sometimes takes a few weeks! They are made in India and are shipped from there!)

You can also email me, or message me and I can show you photos of what we currently have!

I love these Sari Wrap Skirts and have been wearing them for years. I will admit that I used to know more ways to wear them; but I have mostly been wearing them as a skirt.

I like that they are comfortable and easy to wear, great to travel with, they never go out of style. You can pair them with a t-shirt or dress them up.

Best Of All, There are over 100 ways to wear them; but there is not always good instructions on how to pull off a look! I am hoping this Blog Can Help!

How To Care For Your Skirt!

I wash mine in our washing machine, on a delicate style and then hang it to dry. I have also hand washed mine and hung it to dry. (If your washing machine is tough on clothing, it might be best to hand wash) They dry quickly!

About This Blog!

I am creating this little blog/ vlog with the videos and photos of my other favorite ways to wear them. I did not create the videos on this page, I am just sharing the ones that I find easiest to follow.

THE SIZES! Mostly One Size Fits All; but there are Different Lengths!

If you look at your tag, It will say Mini, Small, Medium Or Large.

These are generally, One Size Fits All, the sizes are more for length.

Micro Mini 16 inches Long (Waists 47 inches)

Mini 20 inches Long (Waist 47 Inches)

Small 24 inches (Waist 47 inches)

Medium 30 inches (Waist 47 inches)

Long 36 inches (Waist 47 inches)

*I can also get XL sizes, they will be 60 inches in the waist!

How To Wear!

There are over 100 different ways to wear a Sari Wrap Skirt! It can also be worn as a Dress or Top!

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