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So Long & Thanks For All The Fish!

Updated: Dec 22, 2022

So Long & Thanks For All The Fish…


Show Date November 9th. Inspired By The Moon and Dreams. It is an Alternate Wednesday, With A Twist. I had very specific songs in mind, so when I could not find them, I used the original.

This show is also in Memory of Bernard Erlin. He was the father of one of my best friends, growing up. They often included me, when they did cool stuff, Like fishing, and going to Touch The Moon.

He was a Geologist, with a unique specialty. It was his job to figure out how to build on the moon, more specially, Make concrete. #RecycledWater #RecycledBeer

Bernie and Spok, inspired me to want to boldly go where no man had gone before.

I grew up wanting to be an astronaut; but had my dreams Crushed by a Fake Fortune Teller, at the tender age of 8.

I swore, If I had ever hitchhiked my way across the galaxy, I would spend a night on the moon!

Now, I have decided that when the Dolphins and Whales go back to their home planet, I will tag along! #PrayingForImmediateAbduction.

{Yes, I was a quirky child with a love of Music, Sci-Fi, Art, The Moon & Dolphins.}

I wrote a short story about this all; and in Junior High, we turned it into a play. I often thought about updating it. The soundtrack might sound something like this!

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Fun Fact! Dolphins And Whales Sleep With One Eye Open

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About The Lyrics

The lyrics depict a tragic Romani legend of a Roma woman who awakes at sunrise, begging to the moon to marry a Roma man (calé) the same day. In exchange the moon asks for the woman's first-born as payment.

After the child is born, the woman and man are dismayed to see that his skin is the whitest white and his eyes are grey, even though they both have dark skin and dark eyes. The lyrics explain that the child is an albino, due to being a son of the moon. But the man presumes that the father is a payo (a non-Roma person) and furiously stabs his wife to death. He takes the child and abandons him on a mountain, leaving the child to die of exposure.

Later the baby is said to live happily ever after with the Moon as his mother. When the child cries, the Moon wanes to cradle and comfort him.

The chorus says that the moon wants to be a mother, yet cannot find a lover who will make her his wife, and questions her as to what she would do with a human child. The French translation of the song asks a more precise question (Tell me, silvery moon, You who has no arms, How will you rock the child?), which is answered in the last stanza (And whenever the child cries, She [The Moon] crescents, Turning herself into a light-cradle).

In turn, the Moon doubts the mother's commitment to the little boy, wondering how much she can love her child if she is eager to trade him for a partner.

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Vincent Daverino
Vincent Daverino
09 de nov. de 2022

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Jeff Elbel
09 de nov. de 2022
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So long, fish!


09 de nov. de 2022

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