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Alternate Wednesday, With A Side Of Fresh Tunes

Updated: Sep 8, 2022


Alternate Wednesday, With A Side Of Fresh Tunes! September 7, 2022

This Show is an Alternate Wednesday. That means, We are Playing, All Alternate Versions Of Some Popular Tunes. Including but not limited to, Tributes, Covers, Mash-Ups, Parodies.. Instrumentals.. & More!

BUT, That’s Not All! We Have Some Fresh Tunes To Share!

We played 7 New Songs, From Some Of Our Favorite Indie Bands.



So We Opened With A Kind Of Major Tom & Bowie Thing

1. We Started With “Major Tom,” By Shiny Toy Guns

2. Then We Heard “Space Oddity” by The Flaming Lips

3. Followed By, “The Man Who Sold The World,” By Nova

4. (Intro & First Break) “Endless Sky” by Evan Blum & Michelle Raitzin

The Second Set

1. “My Secret Garden by Marsheaux

2. After That W Heard, “Just Can’t Get Enough,” By Nouvelle Vague

3. Followed By The Chromatics With Girls Just Wanna Have Some.

4. Then We Heard Nova Bossa LTD, with “99 Red Balloons”

5. After that we Heard “Scarborough Fair” Performed By Dailey The Great.”

6. Followed By “Dreams” Performed By Chloe Moriondo

7. Then We Heard, Pomplamoose With “The Logical Song”

8. And “I Can’t Go For That” by THe Bird And The Bee

9. After That We Heard, “True Colors,” by Joshua Radin

10. Followed By Angel Olsen With “If You Leave”

11. Then We Heard “In Between Days” by Rogue Wave

12. (2nd Break Music) “Everything Counts,” By Rockabye Baby!

The Third Set

1. Say Lou Lou, With “Under The Milk Way” a Song That Was Originally Performed By Their Dad’s (Steve Kilbey) Band, “The Church” back in the 80’s. I do have to say, I love their version Of It.

2. After That We Heard, “One Step Ahead” By Amiel, and Last Week We heard the Original Version Of That Split Enz Song. In fact, Last Week Also Heard The Original Versions of the next two songs..

3. Then We Heard Sarah Blasko, with Her Version Of The Crowded House Song, “Don’t Dream It’s Over”

4. (3rd Break Song) Is Another Split Enz Song, “Double Happy” Performed By DUAL

The Fourth Set

1. Rasputina and “Wish You Were Here”

2. Followed By, “Ashes To Ashes” by Warpaint

3. After that We Heard, The All Seeing I with, “Beat Goes On”

4. (4th Break Song) “Brimful Of Asha” By Thomas Tiersen

Last Set

1. (Intro Song, For The Fresh Set) “Echos In The Canyon” (The Instrumental) From, Beachfront Vinny’s New Releases, “I Can’t Believe Theirs No Vocals.”

2. The Mommyheads, “Idealist” *New Music From The Mommyheads! In fact, I do not think it has been released as a single yet. Adam Elk, Sent Us The New Single, “Idealist” from Their Upcoming Album, “Genius Killer,” which Will Be Released, Next Friday, The 16th! We Are Sharing The Amazing New Video for this song, In the Show Notes & Blog, Along With A Link To The First Interview We Had With Adam Elk. I am Excited, I believe We Will Have An Interview With Adam Elk, Of The Mommyheads, Scheduled, for Next Weeks Show.

3. Ben Velasco & Flash Images, With “Change Of Pace”

4. Followed By, Two from The Mixture, first we heard, “The Mixture Theme”

5. Then we heard, “Crackin’ Up Over You”

6. After that we heard, Peter Koppes With “A Diminished To Ionian C, From His New Album, “Music Evolution Therapy”

7. Followed By, The Church with “The Hypnogogue”

8. (Last Break Song) Is Beachfront Vinny With “Custom Fender Jag (Feat, Alan Jax Bowers), Also off of His New Album.

9. (Closing Song) Todays Show, With The Newest Single, from Snow Koppes’ “Supastar” from Her New EP, “Supastar”


Show Links (Links Are Pink!)

🚀 Inspired by: The Radio Show That Is Always Playing In My Head. This Playlist Came To Me In A Waking Dream. (From my head, to an Apple Music Playlist.)

Listen To Past Shows! (I try to upload 2 - 3 Shows Per Week)

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WDRT Is having our 12 hour Fall Pledge Drive the following day- Thursday September 15th from 6am to 6pm- we are trying to raise $12,000 in 12 hours. Organic Valley is doing a $5000 match. Check Out Or Click Here To Make A Donation!

👩 Mommyheads Links

🎶 Ben Velasco & Flash Images

The new single is Change of Pace, but there a couple more singles that will be on this record. The new record is called “CLOUDS IN THE NIGHT SKY” and will be available in about three weeks. (The First Week In October!)

THEN, They get ready for the big trip to England. They will be playing at a festival called Moonlight Mashup in ALNWICK (way North by Scotland)

Ben Velasco & Flash Images YouTube

🎸 The Mixture

🎸 Peter Koppes

🎸 The Church

🎸 Snow Koppes


🛸 👽 Check Out The Comments, For More Fun! 👽 🛸

{Mr Announcer Man’s Comments Under Show Notes!}

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Listen to some Peter Koppes today.😎👍🏼


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🧜‍♀️ Thank You! We Hope Your Day Is Delightful!

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