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Anniversary Blend No. 2


Anniversary Blend #2 (2.21.24)

Yay! Our 2nd Anniversary show is on WDRT 91.1 FM. Eclectic Wonderland with DJ Tea and Mr Announcer Man. Time has gone so fast and has been measured in playlists. This show is a mix of Audities and alternate Wednesday shows, so it is familiar and strange.

Much Love and Gratitude

Special thank you to WDRT 91.9 FM Driftless Community (for giving us a home for our show. Much love) WDRT 91.9 FM Driftless Community Radio, our Listeners, station Supporters, and Biggest Fans, and Sarah Caldwell for all the love and encouragement!

Today’s show is dedicated to Kathy Taylor, Meggles Meg Mae & Freya, our Moms ( Jan Sherman&  Toni Huff Price), and Beachfront Vinny. Vincent Daverino planted the seed and kept encouraging me to go for it.

Thank you, Vinny and J.J. Hoeffner, for writing us into your storylines and including us in all your fun. Also, Otis Fodder & Mildred Pitt of The Bran Flakes for being so awesome and all the Quirky Sound Collages. Adam Elk of The Mommyheads: (So many thank yous and much love to all our listeners, supporters, and everyone who writes amazing music, and to all the indie artists who send us music and agree to come on our show)

I am forever grateful for this experience. It has truly been a delightful experience.

A Big Thank You to Mr Announcer Man Michael Price for being a fantastic Co-Host, helping with playlist and show suggestions, and all the love, support, and help with posts.

Kathy, thank you for listening to every show, for sharing, and for all the love and encouraging words. You are loved.

Super Grateful ❤ thank you.

All the love 💕

Eclectic Wonderland Links! {Links Are Pink!}

🧜‍♀️ Thank You for Listening!

We appreciate you. ❤️

We Hope Your Day Is Delightful!

Peace, Love & Cosmic Bunny Rabbits!

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