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Better Than K-Tel, Plan B

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Better Than K-Tel, Plan B

September 14, 2022

We have a few Fun Projects planned for this month, We are moving some of our Regularly Scheduled Themes Around. So PLAN B was to move Better Than K-Tel Up, a few weeks.. and push the Audities Show Back! This show is a Mix Of New, Newly Discovered, and Old Favorites.

🎶 Play List 🎶

We Opened With

1.“How I Feel” by Wax Tailor

2.Followed By King Gizzard & The Lizzard Wizard, and “Shanghai (Feat Scientists)”

3. After that we Heard, “Hey Mrs. (Glamour Puss Mix)” by IMonster

4. (1st Break Music) Evan Blum & Michelle Raitzin with “Endless Sky”

2nd Set

1.Started Off With, The House Of Love, and “You Don’t Understand”

2. Followed By Ms. John Soda, and “No. One”

3. After that We Heard, “Hidden Place,” by Bjork

4. Then, “Upside Down,” by Blue-Eyed Son

5. Followed by, “She’s In Parties” by Bauhaus

6. Then “Hey Kids” by Molina (Feat. Late Verlane)

7. After That We Heard, “Purple Hat” by Sofi Tukker

8. (2nd Break Music) with “FROSTI” Reminding Us that Fall is on the way. I am not a weather Fe-Male-Man; but I think it is time to find your sweaters.

3rd Set

1. Started off with, “Daylight” by Harry Styles.

2. After That We Heard, “Once Twice Melody” by Beach House

3. Followed By Yann Tiersen & Elizabeth Fraser, With “Kala” (Of Course, Yann Tiersen is my Favorite, Contemporary, French Composers.. And Elizabeth Fraser, is one of my favorite female Vocalists

4. Then we heard Elliot Smith with, “Ostrich & Chirping”

5. (3rd Break Music) Theme from “Get Smart” by Hugo Montenegro and His Orchestra.

4th Set

1. Started Off With, The House Of Love, and Their New Single, “Hey Babe”

2. Followed By Pulp, and “Mis-Shapes”

3. After That We Heard, The Wonder Stuff, and “No, For The 13th Time”

4. Then we heard, The Stone Roses, and “She Bangs The Drums”

5. Followed By, “Call Me Blue” by A House

6. After that we heard, “Every Hour God Sends,” By Jack Frost

7. Followed by The Orb, and “Perpetual Dawn”

8. Then Inspiral Carpets, and “Two Worlds Collide”

9. Followed By Throwing Muses, with “A Feeling”

10. (4th Break Music) HUGO Montenegro & His Orchestra, with “Goldfinger”

The Last Set

1. Started Off With, The Mighty Lemon Drops, and Their Song, “Inside Out”

2. Followed By Sinead O’Connor, and “Mandinka”

3. After That We Heard, R.E.M., and “Radio Free Europe”

4. Then we heard, Jane’s Addiction, and “I would For You”

5. (5th Break Music) “Mai Tais On The Moon” by The TikiYaki Orchestra

6. We Closed the Show With A New Release, from Surf Asylum Records. Technically, it is an Alternate Version of A Beachfront Vinny Song, “Nightmare In Maui” this is Performed By The Scarolers

Show Notes! (Links Are Pink!)


WDRT Is having our 12 hour Fall Pledge Drive the following day- Thursday September 15e from 6am to 6pm- we are trying to raise $12,000 in 12 hours. Organic Valley is doing a $5000 match.

We are archiving past shows, show notes and playlists there!

🚀The First Half Of The Show Was Inspired by: The Effect Of King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard, On My 3 am Salvador Dali Mind Frame. Salvador Dali used to force himself to stay awake, holding a pencil. The moment the pencil dropped, and his head fell forward, he would get up and start creating.

Similarly, I had discovered that is the best way to really experience his paintings. I had been writing a paper, comparing and contrasting one of his works, to a work done by Rene Magritte…

I fell asleep while typing up my paper, and then awoke to see new things and find a new understanding of a piece of work, that I had been studying for weeks.

The Second Half Was Inspired By College MixedTapes and Another Mix I have been working on.

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🧜‍♀️ Thank You! We Hope Your Day Is Delightful!

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