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Once Upon A Time...

Updated: Apr 21

Once Upon A Time Little DJ Tea was born, She was a music junkie from birth; and received her first record player when she was 3. One Day she discovered the mixtape, and became obsessed! She made mixtapes for every mood, every season...

It is safe to say, she made mixtapes for everything, and created fun cover art for each one. When she started sharing them with friends, they wanted more, and her mixtapes became legendary. She was even interviewed, about her mixtapes and cover art, for the school radio station.

As the years went by, DJ Tea built a diverse music collection of all genres. When she needed money, for more music, she worked at record stores, or she would DJ at clubs and Parties.

One Day, she met Mr Announcer Man. He also had been a DJ; but he was a radio DJ. They discovered that they liked each other, so they got married! Now they are living Happily Ever After, making music mixes together. (Yes, they even made a mix CD, for their Wedding.)

During COVID, They created a fun environment for listening to music mixes, and having nibbles & drinks. They call this place, The Purple Tiki. This is where they record each weeks show.

They are excited to have a little radio show, on WDRT, in Driftlandia. It Is An Eclectic Mix of New Wave, Alternative, Indie, Surf, Pop, Classic Rock, The Unexpected, and the Crazy Ear Worms that get stuck in my head. Kind of like the mix tapes, from back in the day. A delightful blend of something old, something new, something demented & something blue. A Hand Picked Mix, from their Sound Garden, created just for you. They love sharing New Indie Artists, Recommendations, Playlists and New Releases with you. They strive to keep this site Quirky, Fun & Fresh, While they showcase various artists and keep exploring new sounds and styles.

If you like an Eclectic Mix, Love Discovering New Music, and Listening To Old Favorites, This blog is might be right place for you.

Keane Music Video, With DJ Tea & Mr Announcer Man.

Fun Facts About DJ Tea

Some Of DJ Tea's Quirky; But True Stories.

{From The Podcast, "How The Hell Did I Get Here?}

Fun Extras. (How To Make Coffee With DJ Tea & Mr Announcer Man)

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