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AuDiTiEs 4.0

Updated: Sep 8, 2022


AuDiTiEs 4.0! A Special Show For International Strange Music Day! 🎶

(August 24, 2022)

YAY! We are back! Just in time to celebrate, International Strange Music Day!

We Created A Special, “Audities Playlist,” Just For This Moment In History!

“Audities” is a word that I think we came up with. It is a cute word for audio oddities.

The Audities Show is a celebration of Novelty tunes, Experimental music, random-weird-little-audio-nuggets, and some music that fits in.

This is one of my favorite shows to curate a playlist for. I love finding all the quirky-random-Tidbits and Tasty sound nuggets to add in. I delight in finding the perfect place to sprinkle them in.

This Show Is A Fun Mix Of Our Favorites! inspired by a crazy playlist I had In my head, in the recovery room. I even found the one I started singing to my It was induced by anesthesia from my gallbladder surgery, and our favorite memories of the Dr Demento Show! Let’s Explore The Outcome, Together!


🚀 Special Thank You, To Christopher Bay! For Finding, “Disembodied Body Boy” by Not Quite Normal, for me. ❤

🎩 Today’s Show Is Dedicated to Dr Demento

Show Links! (Links Are Pink!)

🍎 Apple Playlist For AuDiTies 4.0

🎶 Spotify Playlist For AuDiTies 4.0


🛸 Notes, Extra Links! {Indie Spotlight} 🛸 (Links Are Pink!)

🐜 “Army Ants In Your Pants” by Irving from the album, “Dimensions Mix (A Tribute To Dimension 5 Records) The Music Of Bruce Haack & Esther Nelson…

🤖Bruce Haak Tune About Music!


Some Music Video Favorites, From Todays Show! (Links Are Pink!)


👦 Notes About, “Disembodied Body Boy” by Not Quite Normal From The Archives Of Dr Demento.

"Not Quite Normal was a band from Roseville, Michigan. Dr. Demento first played this song in July 2000; I believe he may have only played it once or twice after that.

It was an unreleased tape that was sent to the show shortly before Dr. Demento played it. I don't think it's ever been offered for sale in any format."

-Christopher Bay, 2022

Why Did I Play That Song…

*That song got lodged in my noggin and decided to play, as I was coming out of gallbladder surgery. I was still a bit drugged out on anesthesia, when I started to sing it, in the recovery room. I thought I was going to add in disembodied bladder… then realized It was gallbladder and thought I could sing “disembodied gallbladder gal, disembodied body…” But in my mental state, I could not get the wordage; but I worked on it.. and then I guess I moved on to YMCA. I had the nurse playing along, as she was rolling Me In My Stretcher, back to my room.

I knew I had to find that song and play it on this weeks show! The problem was, I heard it once… over 20 years ago! The song was never released. A very special Thank You To Christopher Bay! He made it happen! He also gave us a little back story about that song.

If you follow our Facebook Page, This is Part Of The Post from that day. Mr Announcer Man witnessed some of my performance. “Disembodied Body Boy,” Was the song that was playing in my head.

“🎙 Bad news and good good news: Your Eclectic Wonderland announcer, Mr. Annoucer filling in for DJ Tea on posting. Since DJ Tea is recovering from gallbladder surgery this week, our show will be a revisit of “Audities 3D!” (Our 3rd Audities Show., originally broadcast on 7.20.2022) which never made it into the archive for streaming. Here’s your chance to hear one of our most popular episodes, so far. Also, our apologies for the lack of extra content under this post this week.

We hope to be back with a new show next week. We’ll keep you advised on that. DJ Tea came through surgery well and was even trying to sing a little in the hospital from the music playlist that always seems to be running in her head.🎶“


🛸👽More Show Information, Can Be Found In The Comments! On Our Facebook Page👽🛸🚀


👾 hash tags 👾

🧜‍♀️ Thank You For Celebrating With Us! We Hope Your Day Is Delightful!

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