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@Random {Audities 4 June}

Updated: 6 days ago


This Week's Show Is Called @Random. It is an Audities Show, which means,

It is a Delightful & Quirky Mix of The Demented, Weird and Fun!  You might hear random tidbits of Audio Nuggets and other Random Things thrown in Just For The Heck Of It. I feel as if they belong in there. With music by The Bran Flakes, Bruce Haack, Melodysheep, I Monster & More!

I am EXCITED! It is going to Be A Super Fun and Light Hearted Show.

  • Listen Live on Wednesdays from 1-3 pm {Central}, or catch it in the Archive {for up to two weeks!}

🤖 Today's Show Is Brought To You By The Random Music Generator.

art by Studio Tea Kinsington

Indie Spotlight! {Links In Pink!}

Asteroid City Cast

The Dukes Of STratosphear

Miracle Musical

Ed's Redeeming Qualities

Tones On Tail

Show Links {Links In Pink!}

Much Love & Warm Fuzzies!

🧜‍♀️ Thank You for Listening!

We appreciate you. ❤️

We Hope Your Day Is Delightful!

Peace, Love & Cosmic Bunny Rabbits!


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