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Better Than K-Tel, FrENZ Of The ENZ

Updated: Sep 8, 2022

This Blog Might Take A Moment To Load, There Is A Lot Of FUN Content! It Is Worth it!


Show Notes & Fun Links To Explore {Playlists, Videos & More! Links Are Pink!}

Better Than K-Tel, FrENZ of The ENZ, Original Air Date, 8.31.2022

“Happy FrENZ Fest!”

This was the Hardest playlist to cut down to two hours. There was a lot that did not make it to the show; but they are included in The FrENZ MIX, on Apple and Spotify playlists.

This show is a two hour introduction. I have included some rare and harder find tracks, related side projects, collaborations and bands that sprung off of SPLIT ENZ. I tried to fill in the story, as much as I could; But, When you dig into Split Enz, there is so much more…”The Enz Is Just The Begining!”



Opening set For Frenz Mix

1. This Show Opened with, “Split Ends,” By Split Ends. This was the B-Side for the single, “For You”

2. “Bold As Brass” that was off of their 1977 Release, “Dizrythmia.”

3. “Marooned” off of the Aussie Version of their Album, “Frenzy.”

4. “Shark Attack” off of Their Album, “True Colors.”

5. (INTRO Music) “The Choral Sea,” Off of True Colors

Second Set Playlist (Spit Enz & Crowded House Set)

1. “One Step Ahead” by Split Enz, Off The Album, Corroboree

2. “Dirty Creature” by Split Enz, off Of the album, “Time And Tide.”

3. From The Split Enz Album, “See Ya Round,” We Heard, “I Walk Away.”

4. Crowded House, “Don’t Dream It’s Over” off Of The First Album.

5. “Chocolate Cake” from The Third Crowded House Album, “Woodface”

6. “Second Chance” by Liam Finn, from “I’ll Be Lightening”

7.“Whatever You Want,” from the New Crowded House Album, “Dreamers Are Waiting”

8. (2nd Break Music) “Wail” by Split Enz, Off Of “Waiata”

Third Set (Pajama Club & Neil Finn Set)

1. Pajama Club and “Diamonds In Her Eyes”

2. “She Will Have Her Way” off of Neil Finn’s Album, “Try Whistling This”

3. (3rd Break Music) “Pioneer,” By Split Enz, off of the Album, “Time And Tide”

Fourth Set (Finn Brothers & Tim Finn Set)

1. “Weather With You” by The Finn Brothers

2. “Paradise (Wherever You Are), by the Finn Brothers, from their debut album, “Finn.”

3. “Haul Away,”by Split Enz, off the Album, “Time And Tide.”

4. “Couldn’t Be Done,” by TIm Finn, off his album, “Imaginary Kingdom”

5. “Home For My Heart,” by Tim Finn, from the Coca-Cola Kid Soundtrack.

6. (4th Break Music) “Double Happy,” by Split Enz, From The Album, “True Colors.”

Fifth Set (Other Enz Set)

1. “Dream ‘n’ Away” by Phil Judd

2. The Swingers, with their Hit, “Counting The Beat”

3. “The Sound Of Trees” by Schnell Fenster.

4.“Cold Shoulder” By Noel’s Cowards {with Wendy Matthews}, From the “Rikki And Pete” Sound Track.

5. “My Voice Keeps Changing,” By Noel Crombie

6. “The Cry Of The Earth”, Tim Finn And Phil Manzanera, from the album, “Caught By The Heart”

7. “Walking Down The Road” by Split Enz, From the album, “Mental Notes,”

8.“Walking” by ForENZics.

9. (5th Break Music) “Albert Of India,” By Split Enz, from the Album, “Waiata.”

10. “Message To My Girl” Performed By Neil Finn, from “ENZso”

This is show is called, “Better Than K-Tel, Frenz Of The Enz,” because, Today we are exploring Split Enz and Beyond. It is also a Celebration of Frenzship. I have formed some amazing Frenzships, because of Split Enz.

Split Enz has been one of my all time favorite bands.

Some of my first, Better Than K-Tel mixes, were “Frenz Mixes.”

(Because I thought everyone needed to know about Split Enz.)

📼*The Cover Art That I Made For This Show, Is Very Similar to The Cover Art that I used to make for my “FrENZ Mixes,” I made watercolor backgrounds and used India Ink, to Draw The Art, and Write The Liner Notes. Yes, each one was hand drawn, and an original. Later I discovered the Copier and reproduced the Liner Notes, on the back of Original Art.

🥳 A Little Back Story About, “FrENZ Fest”

I was really feeling super nostalgic, this past weekend.

Back in the day, the last weekend in August, was usually our last big weekend before school started. We often Celebrated by having a, “Frenz Fest Weekend.”

So, I reached out to, and caught up with some old Frenz! It brought back, “All The Feels,” So I decided that this would be the best week to explore Split Enz, and Beyond!

Technically, You Can Celebrate, “FrENZ Fest” anytime. It is really about FrENZ coming together, to enjoy Great Food, Good Times, and to Talk about, and share amazing Music! “Telling them All About Split Enz!”

The FrENZ MIX (Links Are Pink!)

If you like what you hear today, I made a supplemental playlist, to go with the Show List & Blog. Because, some of the songs on This Show’s Playlist, are not available on Apple or Spotify; but some are! I also felt that there were so many other amazing songs that I wanted to share. I will keep updating these lists.

Keep Scrolling! I am sharing extra videos, links and notes, in the show notes! So much of Today’s Show, Is from my personal collection, and it might be hard to find on Apple Or Spotify; But I did find a lot on YouTube!

Please Let Us Know Your Favorite Songs, by the ENZ & Beyond (Comment Below!). If they are not on one of our playlists, We Will Add Them! This Play List Will Continue To Grow!

If you are already Frenz of The Enz, I hope you enjoy this mix. It was hard to pick a few songs, from an extensive catalog, of so many amazing songs. There are so many different projects to pick from.

I am a huge fan of "All Things ENZ and Beyond." I Tried to Represent As Much As I Could, In This Show.


🚀 Special Thank You, Dedication, Shout Outs & In Loving Memory ❤️

This show is very much a labor of love, and is dedicated to! Frenz Of The Enz!

I also want to extend, a very special Thank you To Steve Kay, Of Vintage Vinyl. Who helped me find so much of my Split Enz collection,and helped me discover so much Amazing Music. He has also been a great friend, and my favorite music Guru for many years! Thank you!

Congrats Steve Kay!

Also, Special Shout Out To Frenz: Mom, Kathy, Mr Spencer, Tina & Dave, Hannah Aitchensen, Brad O Hunner, Ozone Al (A.K.A Ghost Girl), Joel, Kenny…

In Loving Memory Of Paul Hester (Awesome Drummer & One Of The Founding Members Of Crowded House)


📻SHOW LINKS (Links Are Pink!)

🛸 Notes, Extra Links... 🛸

The Opening Song

🎥 "Split Ends" By Split Ends Video(Click Me!)

About The Song!

B-side off the single "For You" released early 1973.

The Band Went by the name, “split ends” and later changed their name to Split Enz, when the moved to Australia.

Line up

Tim Finn - vocals, piano

Phil Judd - vocals, guitar

Mike Chunn - bass guitar

Miles Golding - violin

Mike Howard - flute

Bit o' trivia: lyrics from the song, “Haul Away” off of The Split Enz Album, Time and Tide”

The line that appears in the background of "Ambition has lost me friends and time" is "Telling them all about split ends," a reference to their song "Split Ends," the B-side of their 1973 debut single "For You" (on which the band's name was also Split Ends).

🎥 Music Video Favorites, From The Show & More (Links Are Pink)

Split Enz Made Soooo Many Amazing Videos...

I have tried to include a Video, for all the songs that were featured or talked about on the show.

Some of the songs did not have a video, so I included a live, or the next best thing. I also included some other favorites, that did not make it to the show.

*The Pink Links Will Take You To The Video That I Did Not Get to Post {Or Embed In The Blog}

{Apparently, You Can Embed Too Many Videos, In A Blog Post.} You can also click on the Pink Links, that have a video embedded underneath. (I Included Both.)

Split Enz performing "Haul Away" at the Hamilton ,Canada show- June 1982.

Great Show!

Split Enz, (Hall Of Fame, 2005)"Poor Boy & History Never Repeats"

🤖Just For Fun, Extras (Links Are Pink!)


Band Pages, Find Out More. (Links Are Pink!)


Split Enz Discography (Links Are Pink!)

I have included a gallery with some of the album art, since I always loved the album art.

I would buy two copies, because I liked to hang album art on my wall. (The Gallery Is Not In The Right Order. The App Was Evil) You can find Links To The Discography, Below. The list is in the right order. Yes, there are more albums and singles; but I have not added them yet.


"About" Other Enz Projects {Links Are Pink!}

Some Neil Finn Projects (Links Are Pink!)

* ENZso (Link Under Band Pages, Neil Finn-ENZso)


ForENZics Notes & Links (Links Are Pink)

Eddy Rayner, Tim Finn, Manzanera, Noel Crombie

MOJO Magazine album review



Shades and Echoes

Warner Music CD/DL/LP

Former Split Enz men re-imagine snippets of earlier back catalogue.

New Zealand’s Split Enz disbanded in 1984, but numerous reunions, classical collaborations and re-imaginings have always pulled former members – Neil Finn and Tim Finn among them – back into its orbit. Nothing, however, has been as musically ambitious as Forenzics, Tim and Enz keyboard player Eddie Rayner’s deep delve into the bands earliest days. Taking what the pair refer to as “shades” from tracks such as Walking Down the Road and Matinee Idyll (129) from their 1976, Phil Manzanera – produced LP Second Thoughts, and the later, should have been a hit Give It A Whirl, Finn and Rayner rebuild entirely new songs, alongside seven actual entirely new songs. Sometimes it resembles The Flaming Lips, sometimes it peels off into outer reaches of Brian Eno solo albums, and sometimes it just sounds wondrously eccentric. For Tim fans, this is his best non-Neil- related work since his ‘80’s solo albums.”

-Andy Fyfe

🎶Other Enz (Links Are Pink!)* Related; but I was not able to get totem, on this show


🛸👽More Show Information, Can Be Found In The Comments. 👽🛸🚀 {Links And Comment Posts From Mr ANNOUNCER MAN!}

*(Links Are Pink!)

We hope this show not only serves the seasoned interests of Enz friends, but is a great intro for folks who haven’t heard the band before.😎👍🏼

Can’t walk away from a live track.😎👍🏼

This is the one you might know… even if you didn’t think you knew.😁 At Sydney Opera House.

..and Liam does all the instrument on this one by himself, just like the album version… amazing!😎👍🏼

“See a show at The Sydney Opera House” #lifegoals 😎👍🏼

This is not the Schnell Fenster song we’re playing, but I couldn’t resist watching a vid with an enormous suit in it.😁

If this doesn’t win you over…😁👍🏼

“I think it’s hard to to find something to like about at least one or the related bands we’re playing today. Quite a range of styles, content… I’m a new fan! How ‘bout you?😎👍🏼

-Mr Announce Man Quote Of The Day!

I have To Agree! Excited for Him, We are going to have a fun. “Frenz Fest Weekend!”

BIG theatrical, symphony finish in the audio of today’s show… a piano solo version in the comments.😎👍🏼

👾 #hashtags 👾

Thank You For Visiting!

We Appreciate You & Hope Your Day Is Delightful!

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