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Updated: Dec 22, 2022



ROCKtoburrr22 (Alternate Wednesday with an Audities Twist)

Air Date October 5, 2022 on

Alternative Wednesday with an Audities Twist. A fun and Fresh New Mix for Fall. A quirky, random and eclectic of a mix, handpicked for you. For More Information go to


🎶 Playlist 🎶

Opening Set

1.The Evolution Control Committee and “California Dreamings”

2.After that we heard Carolina Chocolate Drops, “Hit ‘Em Up Style” (that was mostly because bluegrass reminds me of fall, and that is a fun cover)

3. Then we heard Ella Fitzgerald with Cole Porter’s “Too Darn Hot” and it is from Verve Remixed: The First Ladies.

4.Then we heard Mark Jonathan Davis, with “FIRE”

5. (First Break Music) Revelaires with “Theme from Star Trek”

Second Set

1. David Byrne, and the Cole Porter Song, “Don’t Fence Me In.

2. After that we heard, Pomplamoose, with “Jamirobeegees Mashup: Stayin’ Alive / Virtual Insanity”

3. Followed By Fred Schneider and “Coconut”

4. Then we heard, Los Lobos with Lalo Guerrero, and their version of Wooly Bully

5.Followed By Otis Day & The Knghts, with “Shout!”

6. After Otis We Heard Otis Redding with “Try A Little Tenderness.”

7. (2nd Break Music) Deftones with “Sleepwalk”

Third Set

1. Donnette Thayer & “Bali Hai”

2. After that we Heard, “Spooky” By DOKTOR ZOIL (Featuring Ghita)

3. Then We Heard Intoxicats, with “RAPTURE”

4. Followed By Anything But Surf, with “Love Rollercoaster” (Featuring Beachfront Vinny)

5. After that we heard Pomplamoose with “Putin’ On The Ritz”

6. Followed By The Blanks with, “Hey Ya!”

7. (3rd Break Music) The Evolution Control Committee With “Spandau Filet”

Fourth Set

1.Slothrust and “Cupid” (Or is It SloThrust?)

2.Followed By, “Time Of The Season” by The Ben Taylor Band

3. After that we heard, NOVA with “Lovesong”

4. Then we heard, Galaxie 500 with “Ceremony”

5. Followed By Guitar with “Just Like Honey”

6. After that we heard Belly, with “Trust In Me”

7. Before The Break we Heard, “The Star Wars Cantina” by Mark Jonathan David

8. (4th Break Music) Is MEKO with “Star Wars Theme/ Cantina Band”

Fifth Set

1. “All The Small Things” by Pickin’ On Series

2. Followed By “Rich Girl” by Shaddowgrass

3. Then we heard, “Bittersweet Symphony” by Graeme (GRAYM) James

4. After that we heard, Some Richard Cheese, and his version of “It’s The End Of The World As We Know It”

5. Right before this break, we heard “99 Red Balloons” by Andrew Huang

6. (5th Break Music) Peter Gunn, by Art Of Noise, Featuring Duane Eddy.

Last Set

1. Our Last Set Started Off With “Barracuda” performed by Rasputina

2. Followed By The Toy Dolls and “The Final Countdown” I love the Kazoo.. How many people were playing along at home, or in their car..

3.(Last Break Music) “The Simpson Closing Theme” by Pickin’ On

Show Notes! (Links Are Pink!)

We are archiving past shows, show notes and playlists there!

🚀 Inspired by: October, Fall Drives, Sweater Weather.. Pumpkin Spice

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🧜‍♀️ Thank You! We Hope Your Day Is Delightful!

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