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With DJ Tea & Mr Announcer Man

It's Not Just For Hipster Grannies

Tape Cassette

Welcome To
Eclectic Wonderland

“Eclectic Wonderland” is a mix of Alternative, Indie, New Wave, Shoegaze, Novelty, Surf and Tiki, Experimental and Electronic, Prog, Goth, Glam, Folk and Bluegrass, A Pinch of Punk and Post Punk, College Radio, my Favorites from the ’60s, ’70s, ’80s, 90’s and The New Century.

I keep the playlists fun, upbeat, and positive [with] new and independent artists in with old favorites, or music with a familiar feel. "

I try to stick to a scheduled format

1st Wednesday

is usually “An Alternate Wednesday,” where we play Alternate Versions of Popular Tunes: Covers, Mash Ups, Parodies, or Remixes.

2nd Wednesday

is usually a “Better Than K-Tel” show where we try to showcase Independent Artists; I also add in Alternative, New Wave, and other music that I feel fits the playlist. 

3rd Wednesday

is usually a “Themed Playlist” that revolves around a curated theme. That is kind of anything goes. 

4th Wednesday

is usually an “Audities Show” that we coined from mixing the words, Audio and Oddities. That is a mix of Novelty Music, Sound Collages, Experimental Recordings, Children’s Music That Fits The Theme, Electronic Fun, and anything and everything in between. 

“A Spot Of Tea”

means we have a special guest on the show. Usually an independent recording artist. 

If there is a 5th Wednesday

that is reserved for special surprises. 

I love requests, and love receiving music from recording artists. I have curated playlists around special requests and moments when my inbox is full of New Releases. I try to keep my playlists relevant

Scroll below for new music & Links To All The Things. There Is Some FUN Stuff To Click On!

You Can Find Players For The Archived Shows, In Each Blog Post! {Just Below The Show Art!} 

Thank You For Stopping By! 
We Hope Your Day Is Delightful! 

Peace, Love & Cosmic Bunny Rabbits!



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